WiFi Ready or not? Manufacturers clarify promotions

3 August 2012:  Consumers will be better informed when purchasing WiFi televisions and Blu Ray players following intervention by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Five leading audiovisual manufacturers have agreed to amend their promotional material after the ACCC raised concerns about the use of the terms ‘WiFi Ready’ and ‘Wireless LAN Ready’ without informing consumers about the need to purchase an additional WiFi adaptor.

The manufacturers will either remove the terms ‘WiFi Ready’ or ‘Wireless LAN Ready’ from their promotional material and websites or if those terms (or similar terms) do appear they will be accompanied by prominent statements such as ‘USB Wireless LAN adaptor required’, ‘WiFi Capable with Optional Adaptor’ or ‘Wireless LAN Adaptor required, sold separately’.

Full story here.

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