Vodafone warned by ACMA over advertising

From the ACMA:  The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued a formal warning to Vodafone Pty Ltd for a breach of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (TCP Code).  The warning relates to a failure by Vodafone to prominently display its standard charges for a mobile phone offer, as required by clause 4.2.6 of the TCP Code.

The relevant advertisement appeared in the Herald Sun on 18 May 2013 and made an offer of ‘included value’ ($200 worth of calls and text on a $30 per month mobile phone plan). 

Text based advertisements with such offers are required to prominently state their standard charges for the cost of a two minute national mobile call, cost of sending an SMS and the cost of using 1MB of data.  This information is intended to assist consumers make informed choices when comparing the relative value of different telecommunications plans and offers.

ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman issued the following statement:

“The ACMA expects industry to prominently display key information when advertising their telecommunications offers to assist consumers in their purchasing decisions …  Industry’s compliance with the TCP Code advertising rules has generally been good. It is important that this is maintained …   While the ACMA is pleased that Vodafone acted to rectify subsequent advertisements, mistakes like this really shouldn’t happen.”

You can read the full story from the ACMA here.

 You can find more information about the TCP Code from Nicholls Legal here and here. A full copy of the code is available here.

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