TIO releases 2011-12 annual report

29 October 2012:  The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has released their 2011-12 annual report.  The report has revealed that, overall, there has been a decrease in the amount of telecommunications complaints made to the TIO compared to last year.  However, the report does show a slight increase in the amount of complaints regarding mobile phone services.

In total, 2 out of every 3 complaints made to the TIO were regarding mobile phone services.  The report highlighted ongoing billing and credit issues related to mobile services as a particular concern. Complaints about bill accuracy and usage charges, and disputes about financial overcommitment, all increased substantially during 2011-12. This includes the following specific issues:

  • financial overcommitment due to inadequate spend management tools (15,752 issues – double the number of the previous year)
  • disputes over the total amount of a bill (13,943 issues – 33 per cent increase)
  • disputed internet usage charges (10,556 issues – 150 per cent increase)
  • disputed roaming charges (4,186 issues – 69 per cent increase).

“Complaints about unexpectedly high bills and unnecessary financial overcommitment point to the urgent need for strong spend management rules, including those that are included in the new Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code,” Said Ombudsman Simon Cohen

You can read more about the report and download a copy from the TIO here.

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