Telstra Ordered to Comply With TCP Code Following Consumer Info Breach

8 October 2012: Telstra has received a direction from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to comply with a privacy clause in the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code (the TCP Code) after a failure to protect the personal information of some of its customers.

This is the first such direction under the new TCP Code after its registration in September.  The direction relates to an incident in March-December 2011 in which the personal information of around 734 000 Telstra customers was made publicly available via a link on a Telstra website.  The ACMA investigation occurred after Telstra informed the regulator of the breach.

The direction requires Telstra to comply with regulation 4.6.3 of the new code which mandates sufficient measures be taken to protect customers personal information.

You can read more about the direction from the ACMA here.

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