Telecommunications customer premises wiring rules released for public consultation

11 September 2012:  A new draft of the Communications Alliance’s telecommunications customer premises wiring rules has been released for public consultation.

The AS/ACIF S009 Installation Requirements for Customer Cabling (Wiring Rules) Standard (in its various guises) has been the backbone of the cabling industry in Australia for several decades. The objective of the Standard is to set out the minimum requirements to ensure the safety and integrity of a cabling installation in customer premises and of the telecommunications network to which it is connected.  It is enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

In 2011 Communications Alliance invited representatives from the industry and the ACMA to review the Standard and to verify whether it continues to fulfil its purpose under the regulatory compliance arrangements.

John Stanton, CEO of Communications Alliance, said the review process was extensive and benefited from expert input from more than 20 stakeholder organisations and individuals across the communications and broader industry.

“The cabling sector touches the lives of every Australian and it is important that Standards remain ‘fit for purpose’, particularly as the roll-out of the National Broadband Network gathers pace”, Mr Stanton said.

A copy of the rules and further information is available from the Communications Alliance at

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