Social Networking Sites to cooperate with Government on complaint handling

From the DBCDE:  Social Networking Sites have agreed to continue promoting user safety as well as undertaking education and awareness raising about antisocial behaviour online under new guidelines announced by the Prime Minister.

The Cooperative Arrangement for Complaints Handling on Social Networking Sites commits companies, such as Facebook, Google (YouTube), Yahoo! and Microsoft, to:

  • Set out clear information about its acceptable use guidelines;
  • Undertake education and awareness raising activities about what behaviour is acceptable and not acceptable online;
  • Have a single point of contact for Government; and
  • Have robust processes in place for reviewing and acting on complaints,

The Protocol demonstrates that Social Networking Sites understand that they need to work cooperatively with the Government to meet the expectations of the Australian community when it comes to combating inappropriate conduct online.

The protocol ensures that Social Networking Sites have clear and easy to follow processes so that complaints are handled promptly and in accordance with their abuse policies.

The Government is encouraging other Social Networking Sites to join Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft and sign up to the Protocol; and has commenced discussion with Twitter about doing so.

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