Optus turns to Copyright review for TV Now relief

7 September 2012:  ZDNet reports that after failing to get the Australian High Court to hear its appeal in the TV Now copyright case, Optus and legal experts are turning to the Copyright Act review for answers.  Optus and legal experts alike believe that the Australian High Court’s decision not to hear the TV Now copyright infringement case puts at risk a number of cloud computing services, and have turned to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC’s) review of the Copyright Act for a solution.

On Friday the High Court dismissed a special leave application from Optus seeking to overturn an earlier court ruling that the company’s TV-recording product, TV Now, infringed on the copyright held by the National Rugby League (AFL) and the Australian Football League (AFL) by recording broadcasts of the matches.

The free-to-air TV broadcast recording product allowed Optus customers to save recorded TV broadcasts from 15 channels to Optus’ cloud, to watch on PCs, iPhones and Android products. The data would be saved for 30 days and customers would get 30 minutes of storage for free per month, but could pay more money to get more storage space from Optus.

Read the full story from ZDNet at http://www.zdnet.com/au/optus-turns-to-copyright-review-for-tv-now-relief-7000003871/

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