Open Data Center Alliance Members Signal 2012 As The Year For Broad Cloud Adoption

12 June 2012: Inaugural ODCA Forecast 2012 Features Insights from Leading Members on Cloud Deployment and Delivery Progress

New Highlights

  • ODCA members, including BMW, National Australia Bank and UBS discuss their paths for cloud adoption aligned with the Alliance; Capgemini, Lockheed Martin and Terremark outline plans to deliver cloud services matching Alliance requirements
  • ODCA launches the Member Engagement and Education Tool (MEET) to help members connect with one another to accelerate cloud adoption
  • ODCA members Virtustream and Trapezoid announce first services delivered matching ODCA requirements; Joined by industry leaders Citrix, Dell, HP, Intel and Red Hat showcasing latest open cloud solutions

NEW YORK, June 12, 2012 More than 50 IT leaders representing enterprise IT, cloud service providers, leading solution providers and standards organizations participated in Open Data Center Alliance Forecast 2012 to share their vision for emerging data center technologies and highlight significant momentum in cloud computing adoption.  The event, featuring a diverse range of influencers from companies including BMW, Capgemini, Deutsche Bank, Lockheed Martin, National Australia Bank and UBS, included in-depth discussion and debate around critical issues shaping cloud deployments, ranging from security and regulation, to open standards and Big Data.

State of the Cloud During their keynotes, Curt Aubley, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Cyber Security and NexGen Innovation for Lockheed Martin, and Andy Brown, UBS Group Chief Technology Officer and Client Facing Technologies Chief Information Officer, offered perspectives on some of the current challenges facing cloud adoption, and shared the extensive progress the Alliance has made over the past year.  This includes the release of 14 usage models detailing top IT priorities and requirements that will drive widespread cloud adoption.  These usage models are bolstered by the ODCA’s delivery of PEAT (Performance Engine Assistant Tool), a tool for easy integration of ODCA requirements into member RFPs and purchasing processes.  The Alliance is also driving collaborations with six leading cloud standards organizations and collaborates with solution provider members such as Citrix, Dell, HP and Red Hat, to enable interoperable cloud infrastructure and services.

“The Open Data Center Alliance has made unparalleled progress in defining requirements for cloud computing and putting these requirements into action through delivery of PEAT and facilitation of early solutions testing through member proof of concepts,” said Curt Aubley.  “This work lays the foundation for broad scale solution deployment starting in 2012 by our membership.”

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