New telco code advertising rules to commence September 1st

22 August 2012:  Revised advertising laws in the new Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (new TCP Code) come into effect on 1 September.

The new TCP Code applies to residential and small business consumers and regulates a range of matters relating to their relationship with their telecoms supplier.

The new TCP Code requires telecoms suppliers to include any important conditions, limitations, qualifications or restrictions in its product advertisements.  This includes ceasing the use of the term ‘cap’ and equivalent terms to advertise new offers unless the offer contains a ‘hard cap’.  Advertisers will need to take care in the use of terms such as ‘free’, ‘unlimited’, ‘no exceptions’, ‘no exclusions’, ‘no catches’ to ensure the provider complies with the new rules.

For further information see Nicholls Legal’s Summary of the TCP Code

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