Government releases final ALRC copyright review terms of reference

29 June 2012: The Attorney-General has released the final terms of reference for the Australian Law Reform Commission’s review of copyright.

Draft terms of reference were released for public consultation in March this year.  It is understood that the Attorney-General’s Department received in excess of 60 submissions in response to the draft terms of reference.  While the focus of the final terms of reference is the same as the draft terms of reference, some changes have been made.  The final terms of reference are available here:

It is understood that the Australian Law Reform Commission intends to release an issues paper for public consultation in August, with submissions due in November.  You can access the ALRC website here:

In addition, the Attorney-General’s Department has announced a review of the exceptions to liability for circumventing access control technological protection measures (TPMs).  A number of reviews have been conducted since the provisions relating to TPMs were first introduced into the Copyright Act in 2001.  The last of these reviews took place in 2006, although no outcome was ever announced.  The TPM review guidance note is available here:

There will be a two-stage submission process.  Initial submissions are due on 17 August 2012.

Full story here.

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