Determining Delegated Numbering Service Fees

15 June 2012: The ACMA is seeking public comment on proposed fees for allocation and surrender services for freephone, local rate and premium rate numbers.  These services are provided by Industry Number Management Services Ltd (INMS), on behalf of the ACMA, to registered Subscribers of INMS.  These services are referred to as delegated services.


On 29 January 2010 the ACMA and INMS signed a contract for the provision of freephone, local rate and premium rate numbering administration services.  Under the contract, the ACMA has a role in the setting of INMS service fees.  The INMS must recommend to the ACMA its proposed delegated service fees.  These proposed fees must be set on a cost recovery basis, taking into account the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines, and be reviewed by an independent external auditor.  The ACMA must then decide whether to make a determination setting the proposed fees. Any determination must be in writing.

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