Damages slashed in Apple v Samsung

A US Judge has slashed the US$1.05 billion in damages awarded to Apple in their ongoing patent dispute with Samsung, and a new trial has been ordered.  The original order against Samsung was handed down on August 31 2012 and was Apple’s single largest victory in their numerous suits against Samsung for alleged violation of their patents.

Californian Judge Lucy Koh ordered that US$450.5 million be struck from the award made by the Jury in the original trial.  She said in the ruling that the previous jury had incorrectly calculated the size of the damages and that the new trial would be needed to determine the final amount.  

Samsung issued a statement that they intend ‘to seek further review as to the remaining award.’  Judge Koh presided over the original trial and the findings as to Samsung’s breaches of Apple’s intellectual property were not disturbed by this ruling.  Judge Koh left open the possibility of Samsung and Apple reaching a settlement before any new trial date.

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