Communications Alliance improves support for high quality video and digital services on Fibre Networks

4 June 2012: Communications Alliance today released for comment an update of two industry guidelines on quality of service for IP networks.  Among the changes is the addition of a new low-loss traffic class, suited to high quality, ‘ultra low loss’ video services, that will help enable delivery of a range of new video services over high-speed networks.

The first guideline defines the quality parameters for a set of traffic classes on IP networks, with the other containing test methods for these traffic classes.  Both guidelines were first published in 2007 and have been updated to align with more recent international developments and to work with the current layer 2 traffic classes offered from NBN Co.

The guidelines help operators of IP networks and those offering services over them to deliver a growing range of IP services to customers in a way that is both consistent and is interoperable with the networks of other service providers and NBN Co.

“Concerns have been expressed that the quality of end-to-end service delivery to Australian consumers might be put at risk by the transition to a fibre-based delivery platform,” Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton said today.

“The guidelines expand the foundations established five years ago by Communications Alliance and will help ensure that operators have solid guidance on network QoS issues, in the interests of all industry participants and particularly end users.”

The draft guidelines are available on the Communications Alliance website at

Comments are requested by 5pm AEST on 6 July 2012.

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