Australia to introduce certification process for cloud computing vendors

14 August 2012:  The Australian online reports that Australia is poised to become one of the first countries in the world to introduce a certification process for cloud computing vendors, a plan that could come to fruition in 2014. The groundwork is being prepared by the National Standing Committee for Cloud Computing, a body established […] Read more »

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Google Hit by Record Fine for Privacy Violations

9 August 2012:  Cellular News reports that Google has agreed to pay a record $22.5 million civil penalty to settle US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that it misrepresented to users of Apple’s Safari Internet browser that it would not place tracking “cookies” or serve targeted ads to those users, violating an earlier privacy settlement […] Read more »

Black cloud looms over Apple online service after high-profile hack

7 August 2012: The hacking of a tech journalist has exposed a massive hole in Apple’s iCloud security, reports ZDNet.  Matt Honan of Wired Magazine was subject to what he described as an ‘epic hack’ of his online accounts through his iCloud services.  ZDNet says this is a cautionary tale and lists the  steps to follow […] Read more »

Apple co-founder Wozniak sees trouble in the cloud

5 August 2012:  Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with the late Steve Jobs, predicted “horrible problems” in the coming years as cloud-based computing takes hold, reports Robert MacPherson of the Associated Press.  Wozniak was outspoken on the shift away from hard disks towards uploading data into remote servers, known as cloud computing. “I really worry […] Read more »

Dropbox Employee Account Hack Led to Customers being Spammed

2 August 2012:  Cloud News Daily reports that Dropbox has admitted to having been hacked, most notably an employee account that contained project data including a list of customer emails (at least it shows they use their own product).  That resulted in a rash of spam that eventually led to the discovery of the compromised […] Read more »

Illinois Becomes Third US State to Prohibit Employers from Demanding Facebook Information

2 August 2012:  The Electronic Privacy Information Centre reports that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has signed a bill that will prohibit employers from seeking the social network usernames and passwords of others. The Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act takes effect on January 1, 2013, and will result in Illinois joining Maryland and Delaware […] Read more »

A Strategic Approach to Cloud Implementation (draft)

The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has released a new draft guide, A Strategic Approach to Cloud Implementation: An Australian Government Perspective. This guide complements the suite of better practice guides for cloud computing.  It provides agencies with an understanding of the issues around considering and transitioning to cloud services.  The guide forms the […] Read more »

AGIMO looks for cloud suppliers

1 August 2012:  ZDNet reports that The Australian Government Management Information Office (AGIMO) has gone to market for “datacentre as a service” vendors that can provide cloud services to agencies. Last year, AGIMO released a discussion paper looking at how the IT industry could help the government provide datacentre services to government agencies that spend […] Read more »

New measures to protect online copyright and inform consumers

26 June 2012: Internet users will be encouraged to download music and films through legal channels under measures outlined today by Ofcom. Ofcom has published a draft code for consultation that would require large internet service providers (ISPs) to inform customers of allegations that their internet connection has been used to infringe copyright. The code, […] Read more »

The High Court to hear Google’s appeal

22 June 2012: Today the High Court granted special leave to Google to appeal against the decision of the Full Federal Court in April this year that Google had contravened section 52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974. Google will appeal against findings by the Full Federal Court that it had engaged in conduct that […] Read more »

Are your business phones secure against hacking?

21 June 2012: From time to time the TIO receives complaints from small businesses that have received large telephone bills as a result having their telephone system (known as PABX) hacked. PABX hacking occurs when the passwords of a telephone system are breached, and the hackers fraudulently sell international calls through the business’s phones.  The […] Read more »

icode Review Forum 14 June

18 June 2012: The IIA reports that the icode Review Forum was held in Sydney June 14th 2012.  Representatives from the DBCDE, ACMA, TIO, ISOC AU, AFP and the Banking sector joined IIA member representatives from ISP’s and cyber security products and services organisations to discuss icode.  The icode is a voluntary industry code that […] Read more »

Online viewing – a new lease of life for TV and cinema

14 June 2012: New research released by Screen Australia at an industry forum in Sydney reveals that 57 per cent  of online viewers now watch more feature films, television drama and  documentaries than ever before. “It is encouraging to learn  that long-form narrative is not a lost art in the online space and that online  viewing […] Read more »