ACMA publishes draft rules for the digital dividend spectrum auction

11 April 2012:  The ACMA today published draft rules for the digital dividend spectrum auction, the biggest to be held in a decade. 

‘Publishing the draft rules is a key milestone for the ACMA in preparing for the auction,’ said Giles Tanner, General Manager of the ACMA’s Digital Transition Division. ‘Over the past months, we have been actively engaging with stakeholders—I’m pleased that we have their buy-in on the approach we’re taking.’

The draft rules consists of two parts—the allocation instruments and the technical instruments.

Once finalised, the allocation instruments will provide the legal basis for the auction. It will describe the spectrum products that are being offered and set out the rules for how the auction will be conducted. The allocation instruments are:

  • two marketing plans—one for the 700 MHz band and one for the 2.5 GHz band
  • an allocation determination.

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