ACMA plan for telephone numbering

27 September 2012:  The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has announced a number of changes to the telephone numbering system in Australia. These changes include:

  • Provisions to allow more flexible use of general numbers;
  • Providing more capacity for mobile phone numbering in the 05 number range in the medium term;
  • Removing unnecessary technical limitations in the specification of 05 numbers;
  • Increased simplicity and transparency in numbering for consumers;
  • Introduction of measures to improve number management and charging. This includes the removal of charges from carrier access codes, which is aimed at improving efficiency and encouraging the development of new services;
  • Maintaining existing arrangements for premium services, so that customers can easily identify them;
  • Maintaining existing directory and information services numbers in the medium term, reflecting ongoing development of online search engines and other market substitutes for these services.

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