A better deal for Australian telco customers

11 July 2012: The Australian Communications and Media Authority today agreed to register the new Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code, giving long-suffering telco customers materially greater protection on the big telco issues such as bill shock, confusing mobile plans and poor complaints-handling.

‘The industry has developed initiatives in its code to deliver world’s best protections for Australian consumers which should give rise to a much needed, much improved, customer experience,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

‘The code is a unique and ground-breaking document by world standards, bringing together best practice protections at all of the touch points in the telco customer lifecycle,’ Mr Chapman added.

‘What industry players will be delivering to their customers is access to the information, tools and remedies to equip them to demand and drive better service. Telecommunication companies, having established the clearest possible roadmap of what they need to deliver, will now have to perform.’

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